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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dynamic DNS Update Library is available for download here. You can use the Edit > Find (on This Page)... menu (or Ctrl+F) in your browser to search the FAQ.


1. How do I delete a resource record (RR)?

Here is an example in JavaScript that will delete the A record of a hostname. Authentication is not shown for clarity. You'd also have to customize the record name (www.yourzone.com) and the DNS server name (ns.domainname.com).

// Instantiate the DNS objects

var oDNS = new ActiveXObject("DnsLibrary.DnsServer");
var oRRSet = new ActiveXObject("DnsLibrary.ResourceRecordSet");

// Create a record object representing the A record to delete

var oRR = oRRSet.New();

// Name: www
// Type: A
// Data: 
// Note: records with data parameter empty are deleted

oRR.Set("www", "A", "");

// Add the new Resource Record to the record set


// Connect to the DNS server

if (!oDNS.Connect("ns.domainname.com", 53))
	alert("failed to connect");

// Update the DNS server
// Delete the www.yourzone.com A record

if (oDNS.Update("yourzone.com", oRRSet))
	alert("record successfully deleted");
	alert("could not delete record on server");