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Programmer at work! About Me



Hello! Thanks a lot for taking a look at my web site.

I am Noël DANJOU, , a professional software engineer since 1992 and a freelance software engineer since July 2002. I develop Windows applications using VC++ and the MFC. I also do some programming with VC# and the .NET Framework, and x86 assembly language. I especially like to develop system and network utilities and other experimental tools to learn new technologies. I am also very much interested in audio-visual and telecommunication technologies and the convergence of digital devices (TV, Stereo, Satellite receiver, VCR, DVD, telephones, etc.) and the computers. I enjoy listening to music all days long. If you like you can add me to your contact list in Windows Live Messenger.


The birth of a passion

I was 12 when I saw for the very first time a computer running (they were not as widespread as they are today.) It was during a mathematics lesson. The computer, a ZX81 with 16KB of memory, was the only computer in our school.

Two years later I began to use it on my own. I had no idea that this introduction would lead to my becoming a full-time software engineer. My enthusiasm for computer technology began to grow very quickly after that. The more I used that computer the more I understood how it worked and the more I wanted to become a computer technician.

I was a repair technician in the after-sales service of a computer manufacturer before I started working as a software engineer in 1992. I am a Windows user since version 1.03, a Windows programmer since Windows 2.11 and a Windows beta-tester since 1995.


The discovery of the Internet

I always had a lot of interest in modems and communication technologies so I joined the CompuServe network as soon as I could in early 1994. CIS offered an access to the Web a few months later. This is when I discovered the Internet.

Since then I spent a lot of time browsing for my research in software development but also videoconferencing for fun with people from around the world or meeting new friends online. Soon after my website became available, I began to get a lot of requests of assistance regarding computers and software. This flow never stopped and keeps growing year after year. I now spend many hours everyday replying to my e-mail and all the questions I get.


A few words about the site

I began my site towards the end of 1995. At that time it really was what we can call a home page i.e. just a plain page (hence the name). Since then I tried to enhance it and to add as many features as I could.

The main goal of this site was for me to learn the development and maintenance process of a web site and to learn many related technologies. It makes extensive use of HTML, SSI, XML (PAD, RSS), JavaScript, ASP, ADO and Access databases. I developed all the scripts myself but the drop-down menu. This is mostly an experimental site but I am glad that so many visitors enjoy it and find useful information.

Actually I am quite happy with what I achieved though there is always something I would like to enhance or to add to make my site look better but I just have not figured out how to find time to do it, programming and debugging are very time-consuming!