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Site Map

Here is a summary of all the links available on my site. Please use the menu at the top to easily navigate through all the pages or use the link to the Teleporter if the menu is not available in your browser.

Introduction and Support

Home Page
This is the entry point of my site. Start your visit here. Read the latest news.

"Latest News" History
This is a page where I placed all the headlines from the "Latest News" section for the previous months and years.

About Me
A quick introduction. Click this link if you want to know a bit more about me.

Contact me by e-mail
Use this form to send a message to the author by e-mail.


Technical information
Software Development
This page has many links to web sites, mailing-lists and newsgroup addresses useful for developers. You can also find a list of the most important Microsoft's product code names and a few programming samples.

Videoconferencing over the Internet
This is a short history about videoconferencing over the Internet, a few words about the tools available and some standards and resources.

Information about your connection
Did you ever wonder what features are enabled in your browser or what the server really  knows about you according to your settings? Try this link.


My Hardware
If you ever wondered what kind of hardware I could be using when I do programming and for maintaining my web site, this page with detailed lists and pictures is for you.

Total Solar Eclipse
Some pictures that I took with my digital camera on August 11, 1999 during a  Total Solar Eclipse.

Easter Eggs
These are some of the tricks to show some funny things hidden in some of the application by Microsoft. I heard that there is no more Easter Eggs in latest Microsoft applications though.

Music and CD collection
These are some links to some French radios that you can listen online and the full list of my audio CD and other songs that I currently like to listen to.


Acronym Search Page
Are you looking for an acronym about TV, computer or telecommunications? If you do, query my database, I have more than 3,500 of them.

Acronym Submission Form
Please fill in this form if you want to submit some acronyms to be added to my database.

Tools and Helpers
Unit and Currency Conversion
How tall is 5.6 ft in meter? How long are 300 kilometers in miles? How much is 100 euros in dollars? Use those simple applets to make the conversion. You can also consider my free Universal Converter if you often need to do conversions.

Country and Phone Codes
This is a list of the standardized two-letter country codes used in URL and email addresses and also the international phone codes for placing a call in a foreign country.

Frequently Asked Questions
(about: AMCap, DNS Library, DynSite, General Topics)
These pages contain answers to questions that I am often asked regarding all the topics on my web sites and some others.

Technical Papers
I wrote some technical papers with step-by-step instructions easy to understand by people new to the Internet or to computers. They are available from this link.

Miscellaneous Tools
This is the download page for most of my freeware (Windows only). This page includes the popular CopyLock, Universal Converter or MediaChecker.

Videoconferencing and Video Capture Tools
This is the download page of  videoconferencing and video related programs. This includes my custom version of AMCap, ICQ Fixer or the Winnov Remote Zoom.

Program Updates
This is a summary of all the programs available for download from my website with information regarding current versions and release dates.


All About DynSite
DynSite is my popular advanced dynamic IP updater (shareware, Windows only). Follow this link for information, a feature list, download and registration links.

DynSite Tools
A collection of small tools that I developed to experiment some technologies included or to be included in my DynSite program. They may allow you to test those technologies on your own as well.

DynSite - FAQ
These are all the answers to the questions that I am often asked by e-mail regarding my DynSite program. Check it out before contacting me.

Supported Dynamic DNS Services
This is the exhaustive list of all the dynamic DNS services currently supported in DynSite.


Sign my guestbook
Please write down some words before you leave.

View my guestbook
See messages that some other visitors wrote in my guestbook. You are welcome to leave your own message.