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Unit and Currency Conversion

I designed this page to give everyone an easy way to convert most Anglo-Saxon temperature, length, weight, surface and volume values to their international counter parts and conversely.
Now thanks to Xenon Laboratories you can also do currency conversions (see the applet at the bottom of the page.)

Unit Conversion

(If you need a standalone Windows application for your conversions, please download my Universal Converter.)


1. Select the type of units (temperature, length, weight, surface, volume) you want to convert in the Measure drop-down list.
2. Select the unit in the appropriate Unit drop-down list.
3. Enter the original value in the Value field beside it.
4. Select the unit you target in the other Unit drop-down list.
5. Click the button of the system to convert to.


Say you want to convert 6 ft in meter.

1. Select Length in the Measure drop-down list.
2. Select foot in the Unit drop-down list in the US / UK section.
3. Enter 6 in the Value field beside.
4. Select meter in the other Unit drop-down list.
5. Click the To International button.









Currency Conversion

This Universal Currency Converter is a service by Xenon Laboratories. You can also try the Currency Converter by Fieba, Ltd.


1. Enter the amount you want to convert in the This amount box.
2. Select the currency for that value in the Currency drop-down list.
3. Select the currency you want to which you want to convert that amount to in the Convert to drop-down list.
4. Click the Perform Currency Conversion button.

Note: Once you click the Perform Currency Conversion button you will be redirected to a page on the web server of Xenon Laboratories to get the result. To come back to my site please click the Back button of your browser.

Universal Currency Converter™


Universal Currency Converter

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