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URL Screen ShotDrop Target for URL

[Windows 95/98//NT/ME/2000/XP - MSVC++ 6.0/MFC]

This sample shows how to turn a CListBox into a drop target (COleDropTarget) for Uniform Resource Locators (URL) (e.g. links that you drag from Internet Explorer and that you drop over the listbox.)

Download Now URL Drop Target w/ MFC (url.zip)
Download:14KB, ZIP file.
Published: February 22, 1999.


How to cancel a synchronous call to InternetReadFile (using threads) ?

[Windows 95/98//NT/ME/2000/XP - MSVC++ 6.0/MFC]

This sample application shows how to download a file from a Web site using the WinInet API. It also demonstrates how you can cancel a synchronous call to InternetReadFile by mean of multithreading.

Download Now Download a file w/ WinInet (icancel.zip)
Download:17KB, ZIP file.
Published: December 15, 2001.


Microsoft Product Code-Names

Codename Project
A1 Windows OneCare
Acadia Upcoming SQL Server release
Acropolis Set of components and tools intended to make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows on the .NET Framework
Acrylic Expression Graphic Designer
Aero Windows Vista User Interface
Albany All-in-one subscription service of essential software and services for consumers
Alexandria Microsoft .Net Rich Internet Application Services
Apollo Windows Phone 8
Asteroid Windows 2000 SP1
Astoria ADO.NET Data Services
Athens Next Generation Enterprise Personal Computer (developed with HP)
Atlanta Windows Defender
Aurora Animated desktops for Vista
Aurora Windows Small Business Server 2010
Avalanche A file-sharing technology that makes it easier to distribute big files
Avalon Windows Presentation Foundation
Babylon Host Integration Server 2000 (SNA Server)
Blackcomb Former planned Windows Vista successor (replaced by Vienna)
Blizzard Business-oriented set of services for .NET My Services
Bobsled Windows Media Center Extenders
Breckenridge Windows Storage Server 2011 Essentials
Bronx Project that aims to bring Microsoft Office experience to all mobile phones using SMS
Cairo Technology sets for Windows NT
Carmine Virtual Server Manager
Castle Homegroup feature
Cayman NetMeeting 3.0
Centro Windows Essential Business Server
Chakra New Microsoft JavaScript engine
Chelan Windows Embedded Compact 7
Chicago Windows 95
Chihiro Arcade version of the Xbox
Chimney Transmission Control Protocol offload technology
Chrome ChromeEffects
Cider Visual designer for Windows Presentation Foundation
Colorado a common framework to Windows Servers codenamed Aurora and Vail
Comet Networking tools for Windows 2000
Cornerstone Secure Startup-Full Volume Encryption security technologies
Corona Windows Media 9 Series
Cougar Windows Small Business Server 2008
Courier Microsoft booklet prototype
Crescent Windows Media Player 10
Crimson New error-reporting feature for Longhorn
Crossbow Upcoming Windows Mobile system
Cyclops Xbox 360 webcam
Darwin Microsoft Installer
Deepfish Preview of a technology that can be used to improve mobile browsing
Denali Active Server Platform
Denali Next Microsoft SQL Server
Deployment 4 Business Desktop Deployment 2007
Diamond Systems Management Server post-2000
Diamond Windows Vista Media Center
Diomede Beta program for collecting product feedback and architecture validation for the collection and distribution of timezone data via a set of web services
Drizzle Windows XP's Automatic Updates feature
Dublin Windows Server AppFabric
Eaglestone Team Explorer 2010
Eiger Windows Fundamentals
EMD Windows ReadyBoost
Emerald Systems Management Server 2000
Emerald Update Rollup 2 (UR2) for Windows XP Media Center 2005
Europa New user interface of MSN Communities and Chat (Summer 2001)
Everett Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Exchange 12 Exchange Server 2007
Falcon Microsoft Message Queue Server
Fiji Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Fiji Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008
Fjord Zero-configuration Universal PnP AV solution
Flick New pen-gestures feature for Tablet PC
Floatie Office "12" contextual formatting toolbar
FreeStyle Windows XP Media Center Edition
Freeze Dry New Vista technologies that save data and application states when the system reboots after a patch
Fremont Windows Live Expo
Freon Xbox with TV recording capabilities
Fresno entry-level "Longhorn" Windows Server for appliance market
Fusion New technologies to avoid the "DLL hell"
Gatineau Web analytics tool
Gemini New user interface of MSN Communities and Chat (post Europa)
Genesis Microsoft Threedegrees instant-messaging based application
Geneva Windows Identity Foundation
Gibraltar Internet Information Server
Glidepath Visual Studio 2005-related components and technology for building applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0
Grava New set of tools from Microsoft’s Education Products Group
Green Unified code base for business applications
Greenwich Office Live Communications Server 2003
Gryphon Windows CE 2.0
Haiku Ultra Mobile 2007 device
HailStorm .NET My Services
Harmony Windows XP Media Center Edition V2.0
Hawaii Visual Studio .NET (post Orcas)
Holmes new generation of bug reporting client to replace Microsoft Beta Client
Hydra Internet Terminal
Iceberg Networked Audio Visual Device Support in Window
Indigo Windows Communication Foundation
Indy New management product with capacity-planning and performance-modeling tool
InfoCard Windows CardSpace
Iris Developers-oriented set of services for .NET My Services
Istanbul Next-Generation Real-Time Collaboration Client
Jakarta Java for IE3.0
Jamaica upcoming corporate antivirus solution
Jameson Windows CE .NET 4.1
Janus Digital Rights Management technology for subscription-based content
Janus Windows 2000 (64-bit version)
Jasper Set of components aimed at fulfilling the need for a rapid and iterative development experience for data
Jupiter Handheld PC Professional / eBusiness Suite
Kahuna Windows Live Mail
Katmai Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Katmai Next version of System Center Operations Manager
Kilimanjaro New set of tools for SQL Server
Kodiak Upcoming Microsoft Exchange Server release
Kokanee .Net Speech Platform
Kumo Bing, Microsoft's next-generation Internet search engine
Liberty SQL Server 2000 64-bit Edition
Lightning .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Lonestar Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
Longhorn Windows Vista
Luna Windows XP User Interface
Macallan Windows CE 5.0
Maestro Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005
Magellan Small business accounting project
Magneto Windows Mobile 5.0
Mars MSN 6.0
Max A product that lets you make lists of your photos and turn them into beautiful slide shows
McKendric Windows CE .NET 4.2
Media2Go Portable Media Centers
Memphis Windows 98
Mendocino a product linking Microsoft Office to SAP back-end
Merlin Pocket PC 2002
Metro XML Paper Specification (XPS)
Midori Microsoft’s post-Windows operating system
Milan Microsoft Surface (formerly known as PlayTable)
Millennium Windows Millennium Edition
Mira Microsoft Windows CE for Smart Displays
Monaco Software that will allow musicians to create pieces of music
Monad Microsoft PowerShell
Mönch Windows XP thin client
Morro Microsoft Security Essentials
Nashville Technology sets for Windows 95/OSR
Nemo Windows Live Media Center
Neptune formerly NT-based Consumer Windows
Niobe Prototype tool designed to streamline the development of applications based on Outlook
Oahu Multi-touch computing device
Oasis Interim Windows XP release (now cancelled)
Odyssey Formerly Windows NT 5.1
Office 11 Office 2003
Office 12 Office 2007
Office 14 Office 2007 successor
Orcas Visual Studio 2008
Orcas .NET Framework V3.5
Origami Ultra-Mobile PC
Oslo Microsoft SQL Server Modeling
Ozone Pocket PC 2003
Palladium Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB)
Pegasus Windows CE 1.0
Phalanger PHP language compiler for the .Net Framework
Phoenix Software optimization and analysis framework
Photon Upcoming Windows Mobile system
Piton Windows ReadyDrive
Platinum Exchange Server 2000
Plato OLAP Server
Plex UI for Windows codenamed Longhorn
Polaris Windows Media Player 11
Project Emporia Project aimed at social-networking newbies to help them simplify their Twitter browsing/viewing experience
Project Gatineau Microsoft's new, free web analytics service
Project M Windows shell enhancements
Project Natal Kinect
Quartz ActiveMovie (now called DirectShow)
Quartz Expression Web Designer
Quattro Windows Home Server
Quebec Windows Embedded Standard 7
Rainier Visual Studio 7.0
Rapier Windows CE 3.0
Razor New view engine for ASP.NET
Red Dog Windows Azure
Ribbon Office 12 user experience
Rosario Next version of Visual Studio Team System
Roslyn Compiler-as-a-service (CaaS) project
Rotor Shared Source CLI
Rouge New business-focused communication services for mobile phones
SafeDocs Windows Backup
Scribbler Microsoft OneNote
Sedna Visual FoxPro 9 Service Pack
Shiloh SQL Server 8.0
Slalom Longhorn-based Windows Media Center Edition
Snoqualmie (SnoQ) Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
Softsled Software-based Media Center Extenders
Sparkle Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer
Springboard Windows XP Service Pack 2
Springfield A tool that will allow non-programmers to customize and mash-up various Web 2.0 applications and services
Steelhead Routing and Remote Access Service
Stinger Smart Phones platform
Stingray Next generation of Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Stirling Microsoft Forefront
Storm Upcoming Windows Storage Server
Silverlight Cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web (formerly codenamed WPF/E)
StyleCop Microsoft Source Analysis for C#
Symphony Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Tagspace Tagging/social bookmarking service for Microsoft.com
Tahiti Microsoft SharedView
Tahoe SharePoint Portal Server
Talisker Windows CE .NET
Talisman 3D graphics & multimedia architecture
Tazz Microsoft Phone
TBox Next-generation automotive software
Titanium Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Topaz Systems Management Server 2003
Trebuchet Next-generation datacenter software and services
Trident Dynamic HTML
Trinity Set of tools, frameworks, Office integration solutions and customer-assistance solutions for .NET developers
Vail Windows Home Server 2011
Vedea New Visualization Language
Velocity Distributed in-memory application cache platform
Venus Cheap non-PC device
Vienna Windows Vista successor (minor upgrade, formerly Blackcomb)
Viridian Windows Server Virtualization
Voyager BizTalk application integration server
Watson Outlook 2001 for the Mac
Wave 11 New Hotmail user interface
WebBlade Windows .NET Server for web appliances
Whidbey Visual Studio 2005
Whistler Windows XP (aka NT 5.1, merger of Neptune and Odyssey)
Whitehorse An application modeling tool included in Visual Studio 2005
Windows 7 Windows Vista successor (formerly code-named Vienna)
WinFS Windows Future Storage
WinFX Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
Wolfpack NT Server Clustering Technology
XDocs Microsoft InfoPath
Xen C Omega
Xenon Xbox 360
Xsled Media Center Extender for Xbox
Yukon SQL Server 2005
Zephyr Automated crash-reporting tool
Zeppelin Test for OLE
Zermatt Framework and SDK for building claims-aware, "relying party" applications and custom “identity providers”, often referred to as Security Token Services (STS).



Tools for Developers

Development toolkits, compilers and debuggers

Jungo Ltd makes USB, PCI and ISA driver development tools, including WinDriver and KernelDriver that automate and simplify the development of device drivers for the Windows, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks operating systems.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and the Microsoft Subscriptions Library is an invaluable source of information and tools for all your developments. This is a must have reference.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is the comprehensive tool set for rapidly building and integrating XML Web services, Microsoft Windows–based applications, and Web solutions.
   http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/    (Visual C++ .NET)
   http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/  (Visual C# . NET)

NuMega BoundsChecker is the premier run-time error detection and debugging tool for C++ developers. It speeds development and shortens time to market by automating the debugging process right inside Visual Studio.

DeviceTools is a comprehensive, free portal with resources for the connected device developers. It includes software tools, silicon, resources and information for engineers building embedded devices.


Code Signing

Here are some web sites where you can get Digital Certificates for signing your ActiveX controls, applications or your secured Web Sites:


Web Sites for Developers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note: this list of FAQ was compiled by Tom Haapanen (Software Metrics, Inc.) and is published here with his permission. Tom posts a most up-to-date list on the newsgroups weekly. I also added some sites to this list.

The Windows [3.x] FAQ and Windows [3.1] Programmer FAQ (which unfortunately have not been updated since 1994) are available from:

The Win32 Programmer FAQ, by Steve Loughran, is located:

Tony Lee maintains a Windows Programmer FAQ at:

Scott Wingo's Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) FAQ is available as:

Zafir Anjum's excellent MFC Programmer's SourceBook is another essential resource for an MFC developer. It is available as:

A Programmer's Heaven

The Code Project, yet another excellent site

DevCentral's Win32, C++ and Java programming tutorials can be found at:

Randy Morin maintains a programmer knowledge base for Windows developers at:

The device driver development FAQs (by Tom Divine, Stephen Lewin-Berlin, Jamie Harnahan and David Castells i Rufas) are available as:
    Windows 3.x/95: http://www.vireo.com/faq.htm (SL-B)
    Windows 95: http://www.pcausa.com/ifaqlist.html (TD)
    Windows NT: http://www.cmkrnl.com/faq.html (JH)
    Windows NT: http://www.intec.es/ddk/faq.htm (DCiR)

Intec has a collection of Windows NT DDK resources available at:

Guido Wischrop also has a web site for Windows NT driver development, but in German:

Microsoft provides some additional DDK resources at this URL:

There is also an extensive list of Internet resources for Windows developers:

The Winsock Programmer's FAQ, by Warren Young and Mark Towfiq, is at:

The Windows 95/NT NDIS programming FAQ is at:

The Windows 95/NT TDI development FAQ is at:

The Windows 95 IFS FAQ is at:

The WinHelp FAQ is maintained by Charlie Munroe:

The Cetus Team maintains an extensive set of object-oriented design and development links at their web site:

The best resource for InstallShield, the de facto standard for Windows-based installations, is InstallSite, as managed by Stefan Krueger:

The Windows NT FAQ, by John Savill, can be found at:
    http://www.savilltech.com/        Primary site -- UK
    http://www.metrics.com/NTFAQ/     North American mirror site -- Canada

There is one Windows NT 3.51 FAQ; you can find it at:

There is a Windows 95 FAQ located at

There are also three specialized Windows NT FAQs:
    Windows NT Admin FAQ: http://www.iftech.com/classes/admin/admin.htm
    Windows NT Fax FAQ: http://www.mcs.com/~sculptor/NTFAX-FAQ.HTML
    Windows NT Internet FAQ: http://www.mcs.com/~thomas/www/ntfaq/

Finally, it is frequently worthwhile to check Microsoft's knowledge base for the questions as well.  You can access this through the Internet at


Newsgroups for Developers

Here are some of the numerous newsgroups about Windows development available on Usenet.